Assesment of Kidney Function

We offer screening to individuals who are at increased risk of developing kidney disease and to patients who have symptoms suggesting kidney disease.
We offer comprehensive testing and make appropriate recommendations on risk reduction for those with normal function and treatment to decrease progression of kidney disease in those who already have kidney disease.

You are at increased risk of kidney disease 
 if you have
 if you have
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Hypertension
  • Family History of Kidney Disease
  • Or are older than 65 years

It is important for those at risk to get screening since most people with chronic kidney disease do not have symptoms until the disease is quite advanced.

Early detection and subsequent treatment can help prevent or slow the progression of kidney disease to kidney failure.


Dr. Leo Ovadje
LaTasha Jefferson
Dr.Deepu Daniel
Dr.Jun-ki Park


May 2020
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