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National Kidney Month

It’s no coincidence that our first issue of the Caritas Kidney Times, our quarterly newsletter, is coming out in March.

March is a special month for us dealing with kidney diseases & hypertension. It was designated the National Kidney month and every 2nd Thursday of March is World Kidney Day. It is a special day set aside to raise international awareness about the importance of the kidneys to our overall health, and to let people know who is at risk and what to do. This year was special as it was the 10th anniversary.

We at Caritas marked it in a special way this year with hor d’oeuvres and drinks. We also encouraged everyone to take the kidney quiz at . Patients and family members who came by the office were offered two bottles of water-one for themselves and one to offer a friend or family member-in line with the theme of this year’s World Kidney Day: “Invite everyone to drink a glass of water and give one to celebrate their kidneys”.

We encourage everyone who has not, to go to the National Kidney Foundation website and take the kidney quiz. There is also a lot of information on this and other trusted websites (see our links in the Patient Center under the Resources tab). The information you get will be very good for you if you make some changes in your lifestyle to improve your general health and of course specifically, your kidney health.

However, Just as we love to share anything good we have discovered, if would be great if we shared this with family, friends and our faith community. Encourage family and friends who are at risk to get checked for kidney disease. This is especially important for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, family history of kidney disease and our senior citizens. The importance of screening cannot be emphasized enough, as it is often a silent disease.

I would like to close with a reminder that 26 million American adults are estimated to have Chronic Kidney Disease and most do not know it. 1 in 3 American adults (more than 73 million) is at risk for Chronic Kidney Disease. Knowing the risk factors and controlling them where possible (like diabetes and hypertension) may help prevent kidney failure.

We at Caritas Medical Center will be at the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) walk this May 31, 2015 at Turner Field to raise awareness about kidney diseases. We encourage our patients, family and friends to join us for this very important annual event. We are also raising fund for the NKF to help with kidney disease research and assist patients living with kidney diseases. Our organization will match funds donated, so the more generous you are, the more we will be.

We look forward to seeing you at Turner Field on a bright and sunny Saturday in May.


Dr. Leo Ovadje

Dr. Tewabe Kebede

Latasha Jefferson, FNP

Kidney Diseases and Hypertension Specialists

Caritas Medical Center

105 N. Park Trl., Ste 300

Stockbridge, GA 30281